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Explore articles, resources, and events leading up to the 25th anniversary celebration of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Thanks to you, this celebration was a huge success, and with your continued help, we can improve disability rights in America.

Welcome to the ADA25 Portal!

Welcome to the ADA25 Portal, the section of our website where you can get updates on celebrations and other events being planned for 2015!
President Bush signs the ADA into law

What is ADA25?!? It's the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which takes place July 26, 2015. 

This area of the website is dedicated to our efforts to plan ADA25 celebrations and events. This is possible through our partnerships with individuals and organizations throughout the United States. 


ADA25 Goals

Our ADA25 goals are simple:

  1. We want to encourage and support the celebration of the ADA's 25th anniversary in 2015 at the local, state, and national level.
  2. We want to create and implement a cross-country Legacy Tour to raise awareness and build excitement about the ADA's 25th anniversary.
  3. We want to build a tool kit that will enable local, state, and national organizations to participate in the Legacy Tour and ADA25 celebrations.


ADA25 Teams

Our Legacy Tour and ADA25 Teams - which are part of our Celebration Work Group - will oversee this work with our partners. For more information about these teams please see our Celebrate Portal.


ADA25 Portal

Feel free to browse our ADA25 Portal, which includes:

  • an awesome countdown clock! We're counting down to July 26, 2015! You'll find it at the top of each page of the ADA25 Portal.
  • a tool kit that is being developed with our partner, the ADA National Network. The Network already offers a great ADA anniversary tool kit. We are working with them to enhance it for ADA25.
  • updates on our Legacy Tour, which will kick off July 2014 and travel across the country through 2015.
  • a Get Involved section that connects you to our calendar, interactive map, information on partnerships, and opportunities to share your stories.

We invite you to share ideas, stories, tips, and other resources that you have about ADA25. If you are planning something, share it with us so that we can post it here for others to view!


(photo by Tom Olin)