Community as Home: Call for Stories

Alice Wong and Ashanti Fortson's portrait contest.
March 15th, 2020
Illustrated portrait of Alice Wong and Ashanti Fortson, with a purple, pink, mauve, and blue color palette. Wong is an Asian American woman wearing a dark blue jacket and a pink-and-lavender chevron-patterned scarf, as well as a mask over her nose with a tube for her Bi-Pap machine. Fortson is an Afro-Mexican person wearing light yellow star earrings, large and round pink glasses, and a dark blue knit shawl with accents in bright pink. Clouds swirl in front of the figures, and stars are visible in the night

January 27: Call for stories and photos

March 6: Deadline for submissions

March 15: Individuals selected for portraiture will be notified 

July 19: Alice and Ashanti will host a Twitter chat in the lead up to the 30th anniversary of the ADA on the theme of #CommunityAsHome 

Community as Home: Call for Stories