Politics, the economy, sexuality, healthcare, natural disasters, race relations - every day there are breaking news and media images on these and other issues. Such stories and images have a powerful impact on all of us, but they seldom discuss or articulate the experiences and perspectives of people with disabilities. Learn more about what DisBeat is here.

DisBeat is a national communications initiative. Our purpose is to:

  1. Convene issue leaders, subject-matter experts, and other stakeholders to form responses; 
  2. Develop and help impleent communication strategies.
  3. Serve as a trusted source for reporters, journalists, writers, and screenwriters.
  4. Expand, frame, and reframe the way disability is discussed.
  5. Provide, curate, and create fact sheets, talking points, resources, white papers, etc.

Featured DisBeat Issues


Featured DisBeat Issues

Join us virtually and safely in celebrating everything disability is and will become while remembering the struggle it has taken to get here.

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This year marks a significant milestone in the fight for the rights of all Americans with disabilities. The disability community has seen modifications to the built environment, increased access to affordable healthcare and an uptick in political participation in the last 30 years.

Groundbreaking Event which made national headlines and pressured legislators to pass the ADA.

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