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When disaster strikes, people need full access to emergency transportation and shelters, as well as relief and recovery services. Unfortunately, such assistance is not always available to people with disabilities, leaving them vulnerable.

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In rapid response to current floods in Louisiana, wild land fires out west, and National Disaster Preparedness Month (September), DisBeat highlights top emergency and disaster solutions to ensure disability inclusivity in every community, nation-wide. These solutions are focused on individuals and communities. 

Over the weekend, Louisiana received over 20 inches of rain resulting in unprecedented statewide flooding. Louisiana’s Governor, John Bel Edwards reported that over 20,000 people were rescued from the flood waters and over 8,000 are currently in shelters. The death toll has risen to seven as more individuals are discovered by authorities. Major interstates are closed across the state.


by Jordan Melograna

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina striking the Gulf Coast, many familiar phrases will briefly re-enter our daily lexicon: levees, the Superdome, Lower Ninth, FEMA trailers. And lots of anger and sadness and pain will return to millions of Gulf Coast residents who have largely tried to forget and move on.