We PRESERVE the Past


The legacy of the Americans with Disabilities Act is - in part - about our history.

Indeed, the history of Americans with disabilities is rich and varied. There are stories of loss and gain; of ordinary and extraordinary; of struggle and peace; of despair and hope. There are the stories of individuals and stories of community. There is the story of the disability rights movement, with its relentless efforts to gain access, inclusion, and integration. 

The challenge for us today is to preserve that history. We must ensure that historical materials - papers, books, posters, buttons, videos, interviews, flyers, and other ephemera - are collected, archived, and made available to the public as well as researchers. And we must ensure that the history is shared and the stories are told. There is much to be learned.

The ADA Legacy Project is working with its partners to preserve this history. We invite you to join us.

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(Cover photo by Tom Olin)