Check Out the New and Improved ADA Legacy Tour Bus!

Thanks to your support in our holiday crowdsourcing campaign, as well as to the U.S Business Leadership Network, The ADA Legacy Tour has a new look and is running smoothly!
A group in Florida stands in front of the new Bus

During the holidays we told you The ADA Legacy Tour Bus needed help. We described how the photo wrap on this important artifact was beginning to peel and the need for maintenance. After traveling across 18 states and more than 12,000 miles, it was in need of some attention before it could begin Phase Two of The ADA Legacy Tour!

But you responded, helping us raise almost $5,000 and getting us close to our goal! Then, the U.S. Business Leadership Network stepped in and offered to cover the remaining costs. As a result, Tom was able to spend several weeks in Miami, Florida while the good folks of Miami Trailer fixed and rewrapped and spiffed up the Bus! Now the Bus is in great shape for Phase Two of the Tour!

We are so grateful to all of your for your support! We hope you will get a chance to see the new Bus in person!