Issues on Media Images and Portrayals


Media Images and Portrayals Issues

The disability community lacks access to participate in various forms of media, including film, television, web-based media, comics, and gaming as both potential employees and customers. Disabled actors are given little opportunity to audition for any roles, let alone disabled ones, and disabled crew members, including writers and directors, are seldom given the opportunity to work in the industry. Some of this is due to stigma (continue reading . . .)

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June 13, 2016

by Mike Ervin

Shallow art is usually harmless. Being blindsided in an elevator by the latest Kenny G offering may feel annoying and vaguely insulting to your intelligence, but the best thing to do is walk it off and shoulder on.


by Adam Howard

June 9, 2016

by Ariane Lange

Disability rights activists were ready for Me Before You in part because, as one put it, the problems they saw in the movie were “depressingly familiar.”