Welcome to the EDUCATE Portal

This is the welcome page for the Educate portal
ADAPT activists at the white house October 2013

This area of the website is dedicated to our efforts to educate the public about disability history, contributions, and issues, and foster future generations of advocates. This is possible through our partnerships with individuals and organizations throughout the United States. 


Educate Goals

Our education goals are simple:

  1. Encourage and support efforts to raise public awareness of disability history, contributions, and issues.
  2. Encourage and support efforts to educate and foster future generations of disability advocates.


Educate Work Group

Our education efforts are informed and directed by our Education Work Group. ​


Educate Portal

Feel free to browse our Educate Portal, which includes:

  • News - announcements, updates, articles, and other information
  • In Your Community - an interactive map of the U.S., which you can use to find education-related events, programs, curricula, etc. in your area
  • Partners - a list of our current Education partners
  • Resources - a list of books, websites, curricula, programs, and other resources related to disability education and advocacy
  • Stories - a collection of stories submitted by people and organizations around the country who are educating the public and future generations of advocates


(cover photo by Harvey Finkle)