Media Kit


Our media kit includes logos, templates, photos and more!
All of this is for your use and available for download. We particularly encourage use of the ADA25 logo in branding for your events that celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The logo will be a way of connecting all of us and creating one cohesive celebration across the country.


The official logo for the ADA25 is vibrant and colorful, designed to build exitement about this historic milestone.  There is also an official ADA25 slogan: Disability Rights ARE Civil Rights, which captures the spirit and purpose of the disability rights movement. Both are offered with black or white backgrounds.

We invite you to use both the logo and the slogan. Our only request is that you don't modify them. If you want the ADA25 logo to be customized to include your name or event date, feel free to contact our graphic designer, Dan Wilkins, who would be happy to work with you.

You have the option to download individual files, or the entire collection in a zip file.



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Photo Gallery

All across the country, people are celebrating ADA25 and following The ADA Legacy Tour. Download photos from our gallery to enhance your website or publications.



Download handouts and publications related to The ADA Legacy Project, ADA25, and The ADA Legacy Tour.


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